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Buying Off The Plan


Buying a home off the plan, whether it be your first home or not can be a disaster if you do not seek professional advice regarding your rights and the seller’s rights. Some off-the-plan contracts will exchange and have a settlement period of years. Therefore, your legal interests in an investment such as this should not be bargained with. We take the time to review the contract, and provide advice concerning all possible scenarios. We are one of the leading conveyancing companies in Sydney having been in this business for quite a few years. Over the years in the business we have been able to help hundreds of small clients to realisze their dreams of owning their own homes. While raising funds from banks and identifying the right property is not much of a problem, going through the entire process of buying the home requires the help of professionals. When it comes to conveyancing there is hardly any doubt that we are best in the business for a variety of reasons.

We literally hand held the clients through the entire process by advising clients of their legal rights and responsibilities and the general interests such as grasping a clients good idea about the value of the property, we certainly played a big role.

We also perform the job of physically examining the property to rule out the problems associated with easements, covenants and other such issues which could stand in the way of undisputed ownership of the property. Further, the fact that we offer our services at very affordable rates without compromising on quality is one more reason why it makes sense to take our help and assistance. Last but not the least, timely delivery of the various reports and services is also something that is very important to us and we always stand by it at all points in time. Hence, if you are looking for all around conveyancing support when buying your home, please contact us.