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Commercial/Retail Lease

Over the years, the Retail Leases Act has undergone some changes which will impact on the drafting and negotiation of retail leases. Retail leases are different to commercial leases in that the Retail Leases Act governs specified leases relating to shops such as hairdressers, beauticians, clothing stores, music stores, convenience stores and things of the like. The Act will override the conditions of the lease if they contradict one another.

The most common type of lease is a retail lease. If you are considering entering into a lease, whether it be commercial or retail, please contact us as this is a major investment and we can provide you with the legal advice required to protect you as either the landlord or the tenant. We try and understand the needs of our clients and what they expect from the lease agreement. As many agreements are valid for years, it is paramount that the terms and conditions of the agreement are drafted carefully to protect you. We provide the following:

  • Drafting, advising and negotiating the terms and conditions of leases (and if applicable, the disclosure statement) to include, guarantors, bank guarantees, permitted uses, operating hours, fit-out contributions, rent-free periods and things of the like;
  • Drafting, advising and negotiating subleases, surrender of lease, you renewal options, rent reviews, variations to lease and licence agreements;
  • Advising on disputes you may have with the landlord/tenant;
  • Ensuring finalisation and registration if applicable; and
  • Enforcing terms and conditions if and when the need arises.