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Conveyancing Process - Selling

If you have a plan to sell a residential or commercial property then there is no doubt that you will have to go through the process of conveyancing. This is certainly not an easy task because the entire process is highly complex and complicated. It is very important that you take the help of a service provider or what is known as a good conveyancer. We are a big name in the field of conveyancing and therefore there are hundreds of clients who have taken our help and assistance to ensure that the entire process of conveyancing goes thorough without a hitch. At the end of the day, we ensure that not only is the ownership transferred from the seller to the buyer but we also ensure speedy credit of the sale proceeds to the account of the seller.

Selling of a property starts with identifying the right buyer. In most of the cases the sellers themselves identify the buyers and then come to us for help regarding conveyancing. But we have seen many instances where we have played the role of a real estate agent and have helped the sellers to identify the right buyers. This is a service that we are certain not many real estate conveyancing companies will be able to provide. Once this is done, we also get into the nuts and bolts of conveyancing on behalf of the buyer. Though the role of conveyancing for a seller is quite simple when compared to that of a buyer, we still have quite a few things to do. For example, drawing up the agreement for sale is a major task which we do very well on behalf of the seller. All the major terms and conditions pertaining to the proposed sale are recorded.

Before entering into the agreement, we also check upon the credentials of the buyer and make sure that he or she or even the company will be able to honour the terms of the contract failing which we also have ways and means by which relief and remedy is available to the seller. We also have certain important contract review options which also protect the interest of the consumer in more ways than one. If needed we also conduct a valuation of the property to ensure that it is being sold at the fair market price. We also interact with banks for pre-closure of mortgage loans if the seller wishes so.