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Established Office


Having a well established office is without a doubt very important for any business. The same applies to conveyancing too. We are a successful conveyancing company having a full-fledged and full established office for the many years. It has certainly helped us in more ways than one. More than being helpful to us it has certainly been of great assistance to our clients. There are many obvious advantages that our clients are able to enjoy because of our vision in opening and making operational a self contained and majestic established office.

Our office in Sydney is well connected to other franchisee outlets throughout the city with a well thought out and efficient WAN network. It goes a long way in increasing our efficiency by leaps and bounds. On the other hand, we also have a good LAN environment in our office and this enables to closely coordinate with the various departments of our office. Further it would also be pertinent to point out that our clients also have an interface because of the admirable way in which we have used technology to the advantage of our clients. It would be pertinent to point out here that we are one of the few companies in Sydney who are offering selective online conveyancing facilities to our clients. This would have been unthinkable if we did not have a full fledged office right in the heart of the city working overtime to take care of clients’ needs.

It would also be not out of place to mention here that our established office is always welcome to both existing clients and prospective ones. We have a well organised reception where our guests are treated very courteously and are guided to the respective departments depending on their specific requirements. We also have all the modern amenities and facilities in our established office including a training area that is exclusively for clients and prospects. Attending our training sessions would certainly be an eye opener for all our clients because it will help them to get all the required information in the areas of conveyancing. Further, we also have the best of modern machineries and other support systems which go a long way in making conveyancing a very fast and reliable process. We are in the process of upgrading many facilities and hence it will only move to newer height of efficiency and customer service excellence over the next few months and years.