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We are a good and customer focused conveyancing company who have been in this business for the many years. We have quite a few clients who have been with us for a long period of time. We are also delighted to have amongst us quite a few reputed banks and financial institutions as corporate clients. While all these certainly are a reflection about the kind of efforts and work that we have put in, we still continue to be very proactive as far as customer requirements are concerned. Further, we need to keep in mind that many real estate buyers and sellers (especially individuals) are not very clear on the concept of conveyancing and we are always willing to share information on this. Here are few commonly asked questions from many of our clients and also prospective clients.

What is Conveyancing and why is it so important

There are quite a few formalities that need to be completed whenever a property is bought or sold. Put in plain and simple words, conveyancing is nothing but the sum total of these formalities and steps. Unless these formalities are completed and unless the legal and statutory requirements are met, it would be very difficult for the ownership of property getting transferred from one entity to another. Hence, it is very important that even the smallest of real estate clients go through the various processes involved in conveyancing.

Conveyancing is the legal process through which properties and businesses are bought and sold and leased. For most people, the time when a conveyancer is most needed is when they either buy or sell their home.

One of the most important facts to find out about a property before you buy it is whether or not it is in fact rightfully being sold. For the person selling, they need to ensure that legal forms required by various levels of government are completed. Hiring a licensed and well qualified conveyancing can make conveyancing very smooth for both buyer and seller. For a buyer, most of the work completed by a conveyancer will be in searches, checking if title deeds are in order, rates and charges are fully paid, and that there are no encumbrances or restrictions on the property. They will also complete contaminated land, council property, land tax, main roads, full council inspection of records and a registered plan searches, among others.

How Are We Different From Other Conveyancers?

We are different from other conveyancing companies in more ways than one. We believe in offering high quality services at affordable rates. This is not a mere statement but something that we believe in delivering on the ground. Hence, it is not surprising that we are one of the few conveyancing companies in Sydney who have introduced online conveyancing on a limited scale.

Why choose us:

  • Professional and personalised service;
  • Keeping you up-to-date throughout the whole process;
  • Pre-inspection property reports ordered within 24 hours;
  • Contracts reviewed within 24 hours of receipt;
  • We are available 7 days a week for meetings or telephone conferences, to fit into your busy schedule;
  • Affordable fee structures and fees that are disclosed at the beginning, so there will be no hidden costs.