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The success or otherwise of any product or services depends on quite a few factors. The price at which it is made available to the clients is one factor. Today’s clients are very price conscious and therefore charging the right fees for services and pricing a product rightly are very important. The same is the case with conveyancing. Before moving more on the subject, we would like to start off with the fact that we are customer centric conveyancing business who have built our business successfully brick by brick over the years. One of the main strengths of our business is the fact that we are sensitive to the needs of the clients and therefore charge fees that are reasonable and affordable.

Combining competitive fees and high quality of service is quite difficult. But we have been able to do it because of various reasons. We have been able to judiciously mix both quality and fees because we have been able to totally redefine our entire process and work flow. We have over the years made our entire operations very lean and mean and have done away with wasteful time and expenditure almost totally. Further it would also be pertinent to mention here that our faith in technology and the way we have used it over the years has also made it easier for us to offer high quality services at reasonable and affordable rates. The fact that we have been able to maintain the highest quality of services at competitive rates is a testimony to the quality of human resources we have and the way we have made use of it.

Coming to specifics about our fee structure, we have a consolidated fee option for all those clients who would like to avail our services from start to finish. This is a very attractive proposition both in terms of fees and peace of mind. Once the job is handed over to us, the clients can be rest assured that their job will be done successfully, properly and within the stipulated time frame. Additionally, we also have various other fee structures depending on the type of services that our clients might require. There are many clients who only for search reports or valuation reports. We also handle such requirements professionally and here again our fee structure is quite reasonable and affordable. In short, there is no doubt that we not only believe in making conveyancing affordable, but also would like to live by it.