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When you are buying or selling a property there is no doubt that the price you are paying is the most important aspect of the entire transaction. However, pricing is not driven by market and your wish list alone. There are a number of other factors in play. In this article we will find out how we as a conveyancing company can play a big role in increasing or decreasing the price of a real estate property without of course infringing on the law of the land.

Those who have been associated with buying and selling will certainly understand that valuation has a very important role to play. While it is very important for the completion of the entire conveyancing process, it could also indirectly impact the pricing of a property. For example, during the process of valuation or legal examination of the property if it comes to light that are some covenants attached to the property it could certainly go a long way in negatively impacting the property value by more than a few thousand dollars. On the other side, if during the valuation and other such processes it has been found that the property has some special features and advantages this could also impact its value by a few thousand dollars.

Hence when we value or offer conveyancing for a property we always find out ways and means to ensure that we only reflect the true value of the property so that the buyer or the seller can fix the right pricing for the same. It would also be pertinent to mention here that all our conveyancing reports also has a mention about the overall development of infrastructure and the availability of amenities and facilities around the area in which the property is located. Hence, this could also impact the pricing of the property quite significantly. Before coming out with such valuation reports we often make it a point to discuss the matter with the customer and ensure that we keep the customer updated about it. If the customer is willing to take steps to remove bottlenecks that could improve the value of the property we are always ready to help in more ways than one.

So taking the above facts into account, we would like to point out that we can play a very positive role in increasing the value of a property for improvement in its final pricing without breaking or infringing the law whatsoever.