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Selling A Property

There are quite a few points that should be kept in mind and quite a few processes that must be done when one plans to sell a property. Identifying the right conveyancing professional is of paramount importance. Though there are a number of conveyancing companies and even individuals in Sydney, there are some special reasons why we are considered as one of the best in this business. We have been successfully running our conveyancing business for the many years. Hence we will be the right service providers to help clients who are keen on selling their properties and ensuring that the entire process gets completed within a reasonable period of time.

We first try and understand our clients’ requirements before actually getting into action mode. There could be many clients who would want a complete end to end conveyancing solution. On other hand we also come across clients who would like to take our services only for a certain portion of conveyancing. They might get the rest done through some other service providers or they would prefer doing in on their own. However, whenever a customer approaches us, we always educate them about the need to go in for a single point solution as far as their entire conveyancing needs are concerned. This will increase efficiency, reduce costs and avoid unnecessary delays.

Once a customer expresses interest in taking our services for conveyancing we get in touch with them and try and understand their needs. We have a questionnaire which we request the customer to complete. It helps us understand the various documentation that needs to be obtained, the legal and property documents that the customer may have in their possession, to legally complete the contract. We also help out the clients with their banking related requirements and tasks. It is quite possible that the sellers would need to release the mortgage of the property by discharging he loan. We play the role of an enabler and help the clients to negotiate with the bank, work out the interest and outstanding payable and hasten the process of closing the loan. This is a very important part of the entire conveyancing process which not many service providers are able to offer. We also try and check out on the credentials of the buyer and ensure that he honours his part of the contractual obligation. Our job is not over until the property ownership is transferred and payment received in the sellers’ bank account.