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Selling At Auction


Selling a property at auction is becoming more pronounced especially for those clients who want a sure shot solution to their problem. While there is nothing wrong in selling a property at auction, it is important to understand the various complexities and difficulties associated with it.

It would be almost impossible for a first time seller to complete the entire transaction end to end especially through auction. It is therefore not very surprising when we see many clients approaching us for our help and assistance for selling their properties using the auction method. We have a lot of experience in this field and help our clients in more ways than one. Let us find out why a customer could stand benefitted by taking our help and assistance when it comes to selling a property in auction.

Identifying the right auctioneer is perhaps the most important task and we can do this job exceedingly well on behalf of our clients. We have the best of relationships with most of the reputed auctioneers in Sydney. In fact a couple of them are also our clients. Hence, it is quite easy for us to identify the right auctioneer taking into account specific needs and requirements of our clients.

The next important point is to identify the right seller which again must be in line with what the customer needs. Here too our relationship with auctioneering companies does help a lot. We are always in a position to identify the best of auctions where the level of participation would be quite high. This works out to the benefit of our clients.

Further we are also able to educate the customer regarding the expected price from such auctions based on our previous experience in this area. It would be pertinent to point out here that many clients have been able to sell their properties at very attractive prices using the auction route based on our advice.

Once the bidding process is complete and the property has gone under the hammer, we also help our clients go through the entire conveyancing process. We have our own team of conveyancers to help out on this. If needed we can also have the property valued before or after the auction process to ensure that it is being sold at the fair market value. We also play a big role in ensuring that the entire ownership transfer is hastened and the seller gets the sale proceeds as quickly as possible after settlement.