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Super Fast Services

We are perhaps one of the very few conveyancing companies in Sydney who have a separate channel called ‘Super fast service’. We have a totally separate and dedicated team to handle extra urgent requirements from clients. Those who have been in the conveyancing business will understand that it is extremely difficult to meet deadlines in this area because there are quite a few factors which are beyond our control.

Despite the hurdles and challenges previously faced, we have been able to offer extraordinary services in extraordinary situations. This is easier said than done and certainly requires putting in place quite a few techniques. As a starting point, we have found it necessary to have a separate team for such urgent requirements. There have been many occasions where the staffs associated with such urgent requirements have burnt a lot of midnight oil to ensure timely delivery of the clients’ requests.

It would also be important to mention here that we have excellent rapport with the various government departments and organisations. This also plays a big role in helping our clients in cases where time is of the essence. Quite a few times we have gone much beyond the normal call of our duty to ensure that we meet the requirements of the clients. However, we have never compromised on the quality of service just because it is required by the client in a very short space of time. We have always followed the due diligence process but have found out ways and means to hasten it. Further the fact that we have invested heavily in technology has also worked to our advantage. It has enabled faster movement of electronic documents and faster decision making has been made possible. Keeping these facts in mind, please do contact us for any urgent conveyancing requirements that you might have.